Bitu Implements Significant Features to Provide English Learning Anytime, Anywhere

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Monday, March 11, 2024 at 2:33am UTC

The trend of learning English 1-on-1 on buses, train stations, and public waiting areas is creating a recent frenzy. Bitu offers a 1-on-1 learning model accessible anytime, anywhere with 1,000 skilled teachers. With skilled instructors and personalized attention, Bitu enhances language skills effectively.

In the era of explosive information technology and global economic integration, English has become an essential tool to open up more new job opportunities. Applying the right learning methods can enhance efficiency and shorten the learning time. Many prefer the flexibility of learning anytime, anywhere – whether on a train, while waiting at the cinema, or during the break before work. This flexible learning method is highly praised not only for its effectiveness but also for helping learners easily balance language learning with personal needs, interests, and work, creating a comfortable and efficient learning experience.

Bitu is considered an ideal platform for practicing English for all age groups, including children, students, and working professionals. The platform not only boasts a large team of experienced instructors but also applies a 1-1 personalized teaching model, allowing learners to access and start online learning with instructors without scheduling in advance.

The 1-1 personalized teaching model has been implemented by Bitu since its initial course offerings. This means that in each class, there is only one teacher and one student participating, interacting directly through computer screens or phones. Teachers assist learners in developing comprehensive skills: writing, reading, speaking, and listening, based on the course curriculum. Learners can also present questions or issues that need clarification by the teacher.

Bitu takes pride in its team of over 1,000 teachers, each holding internationally recognized teaching certificates such as TESOL, TEFL, and CELTA, along with over 10 years of teaching experience. This ensures that Bitu's learners are trained by highly skilled teachers, providing the best learning outcomes.

The list of Bitu's teachers is completely transparent regarding qualifications and experience. Learners can choose a teacher according to their preferences and start interacting, even if they are half a world apart. Especially, learning can begin within 30 seconds after choosing a teacher through the app because teachers are always ready. This maximizes convenience, making the learning process quick and easy.

With over 10,000 discussion topics, ranging from common issues to specialized fields, Bitu flexibly meets all the learning needs of its students. This not only helps them improve their English skills but also expands their knowledge in various areas, optimizing opportunities for success in the global environment. Bitu's English learning model through its app not only helps users feel confident when presenting and communicating with international partners and supports them in expressing themselves in English interviews and exploring the world through overseas travel. Some users have mentioned that language learning has become easier and more effective after experiencing Bitu's 1-1 model and flexible learning capability anytime, anywhere.

Bitu's core values and philosophy revolve around user experience, joyfulness, authenticity, continuous improvement, diligence, experimentation, and straightforwardness. These aspects are directed towards creating a positive, innovative working and learning environment. This encourages personal development and contributes to enhancing the quality of teaching as well as learning.

The achievements of Bitu go beyond the number of users; its presence has expanded to over 20 countries, including markets such as the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Singapore, and Canada. The main headquarters is located at 33 Camino Del Rey, Chula Vista, California, USA. Recognition from over 500 media outlets worldwide further illuminates Bitu's position and credibility in the field of English education.

"We are proud of what we have achieved, but we never rest on our laurels. Every day, Bitu strives to improve, innovate, and expand to provide effective English learning opportunities for people worldwide," shared Bitu's CEO.

Founded with the desire to open doors of opportunity for everyone by overcoming language barriers, Bitu offers a high-quality and flexible learning environment. The adaptability in teaching methods, diversity in topics, and a team of high-quality teachers are the factors that make Bitu stand out in the field of English education.

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Bitu is a professional platform for English-speaking practice, adhering to international standards, designed for users of all levels. Intending to become a leading language education platform, Bitu continues to improve service quality and expand its scale.

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