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Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 2:01am UTC

PMU Artist Jenn Boyd on Distributing Grip Needles' TriFlat™

Wilmington, United States - June 10, 2024 / GRIP Needles /

Delaware, June 2024 - Grip Needles' TriFlat™ needle made waves among tattoo and permanent makeup (PMU) artists upon its release with how its innovative shape and design improved the ease and efficiency of stippling, dot work, and similar techniques. Artist Jenn Boyd shares why she partnered with Grip and how the company's products present opportunities for PMU artists.

Jenn Boyd always knew she wanted a career that involved beauty. She loved makeup, and it was her dream to become an artist, so becoming a PMU tech was a natural and almost inevitable choice. After nearly a decade in the PMU industry, Boyd has become a brow expert whom new PMU artists turn to when studying how to draw realistic and natural-looking eyebrows.

Boyd soon launched an eCommerce store, which earned her greater success and an even stronger online following. Although she initially offered her own PMU merchandise, she eventually branched out to distribute cutting-edge products from other manufacturers. She is selective about the products in her store, emphasizing high quality, innovation, and reliability.

After nine years in the PMU industry, Boyd understands that trust and confidence with her peers, students, and other professionals are paramount. "The trends are headed towards high-quality products that are results-oriented and not cheap knockoffs, she says. She wants her customers to know that she believes in what she sells and has tested and loved the products in her store.

It is, therefore, anything but surprising that she partnered with Grip Needles to distribute the company's TriFlat™ line of tattoo needles. Although not exclusively for PMU, these needles can do wonders for PMU techs. Many eyebrow procedures, in particular, use stippling and dot work. The innovative design and shape of the TriFlat™ allow artists to create realistic hair strokes in significantly less time, speeding up their work and increasing their productivity.

As a user of the TriFlat™, Boyd considers how innovative products can provide new PMU artists with opportunities to succeed. However, she admits that even the best eyebrow tattoo needle may be too specialized for beginners. For Boyd, artists must understand how to properly get the most out of their PMU needles and the other tools in their kit.

"Training in the use of the needles will be key. Being such a specialized grouping of needles, people will need support in that," she says.

And Grip Needles agrees. The company is working with PMU professionals like Boyd to educate new artists through live demonstrations, videos, and tutorials across multiple platforms. With these initiatives, the company hopes to educate PMU artists on how to maximize the right tools to elevate their process and output.

More information about Jenn Boyd and her work is available through her website, bronsunusa.com, and her social media, @BeautyFactionPro. Details about the TriFlat™ and other product releases are available at GripNeedles.com.

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