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Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 3:18am UTC

Global Immigration Partners PLLC offers guidance for foreign entrepreneurs seeking to open businesses in the US via the E2 visa. This non-immigrant visa allows individuals from treaty countries to invest and operate businesses in the US. With over 20 years of experience, the firm provides tailored solutions for clients navigating the E2 visa process.

The United States, known as the land of opportunities, has always been a magnet for entrepreneurs worldwide. If a foreign entrepreneur dreams of opening a business in the United States, the E2 visa may be the perfect opportunity. The E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign entrepreneurs to invest in and operate a business.

Opening a business in the United States can be a dream for many entrepreneurs. However, obtaining a visa to do so can take time and effort. One option available to foreign investors is the E2 visa, which allows individuals to start or purchase a business in the US.

The E2 visa, also known as the Treaty Investor Visa, is a non-immigrant visa that allows individuals from certain countries to enter and work in the United States based on an investment they will be controlling while in the country. This visa is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who want to start or purchase a business in the US. It is a unique opportunity for foreign nationals to bring their entrepreneurial spirit, expertise, and capital to the US market, contributing to economic growth and job creation.

Several requirements must be met to qualify for an E2 visa. The requirements include;

- Nationality: The applicant must be a citizen of a country that has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States. This treaty is an agreement between the US and other countries to encourage economic interaction. A list of eligible countries can be found on the US Department of State website.

- Investment: The applicant must have made a substantial investment in a US business. The investment in the total cost of purchasing or creating the business must be significant. The amount of investment varies depending on the nature of the company.

- Ownership: The applicant must have at least 50% ownership of the business or possess operational control through a managerial position. This requirement ensures that the applicant is actively involved in the industry and has a significant role in its operation and success.

- Intent: The applicant must demonstrate that the investment is not a marginal one solely for earning a living but rather a bona fide enterprise capable of generating significant income and contributing to the US economy.

- Benefit: The applicant must show that the business will positively impact the US economy by creating jobs for US workers. This requirement is in line with the primary purpose of the E2 visa, which is to stimulate the US economy through foreign investment.

One popular option for entrepreneurs looking to open a business in the US with an E2 visa is to invest in a senior care franchise. Thanks to the aging baby boomer population, the aged care industry is increasing in the US. The high demand for quality care services for the aging population makes it a lucrative business opportunity.

One of the requirements for the E2 visa is to show that the business will positively impact the US economy. By investing in a senior care franchise, one will not only be providing valuable services to the aging population but also creating jobs for US workers. One should provide a detailed business plan showing how the business will create jobs, directly or indirectly.

It is highly recommended to seek professional assistance from an immigration attorney or a business consultant specializing in E2 visas. Opening a business in the US with an E2 visa can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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