GoContract.com Introduces The First Result-Oriented Platform For Hiring Independent Contractors

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 4:03pm UTC

GoContract.com offers a revolutionary approach to hiring in the contracting industry. Employers can preview applicants for free before committing to payments, while independent contractors benefit from a curated marketplace and advanced features for seamless communication and collaboration.

GoContract.com has unveiled the first result-oriented platform for hiring independent contractors globally. The platform, the first of its kind, allows direct company users and recruiters to advertise contracting jobs for free and preview applicants before committing, paying as little as $6 per applicant.

Traditional hiring platforms often pose significant challenges for both recruiters and contractors. One issue is the lack of transparency and control in the hiring process. Recruiters spend substantial amounts on contracting job postings without receiving suitable applicants. This inefficiency leads to wasted time and resources for businesses.

Furthermore, contractors face difficulties in standing out among applicants on traditional platforms. They often rely on superficial keyword searches, which may not accurately reflect their skills or experience. This results in missed opportunities and frustration for talented individuals seeking meaningful projects.

"This is where GoContract.com comes into the picture," a company representative said in a statement. GoContract.com addresses these concerns by offering a pay-as-you-go hiring model that's out to shake up the industry. Recruiters can preview applicants before committing to any payments, ensuring they only pay for genuine interest. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions and employ cost-effective hiring, saving time and money.

GoContract.com offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional hiring platforms. Take, for instance, the experience of an employer on a popular job-focused social media site who spent over $150 promoting a software developer job, yet received no applicants despite 391 views. In contrast, GoContract.com allows employers to preview applicants beforehand and only pay for the ones they're interested in. This means if a job attracts 100 applicants, the employer can preview each applicant's profile before making any commitments. They'll only pay for the profiles that catch their eye, making the recruitment process more efficient and budget-friendly.

Apart from being cost-effective, GoContract offers efficiency by simplifying the contracting process for contingent workers. It provides a one-stop shop for finding projects, negotiating contracts, and receiving secure payments. This allows contingent workers to focus on their core competencies and maximize their earning potential. The platform provides access to resources and learning opportunities to help them continuously develop their skills and stay competitive.

Advanced features include in-platform chat, talent vetting

GoContract.com provides a wide range of advanced features designed to enhance the contracting experience for both recruiters and contractors. One key feature is the advanced contact control, which allows users to manage their availability and communication preferences effectively. Users can control when they can be contacted by toggling the "GoContract" button on or off at any time. This ensures optimal flexibility and work-life balance.

Meanwhile, in-platform chat and messaging capabilities enable smooth communication between recruiters and contractors, facilitating collaboration and project management. Users can exchange messages, share files, and coordinate schedules directly within the platform, eliminating the need for external communication channels and streamlining the hiring process.

In addition, GoContract.com has talent vetting and rating features that provide employers with helpful insights into the quality of potential candidates. Contractors are vetted and rated based on their performance and feedback from previous clients, allowing employers to make informed hiring decisions and build trust with top talent.

The platform's in-app meeting schedule feature further enhances efficiency by allowing recruiters to schedule meetings and interviews directly within the platform. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls to coordinate schedules, saving time and simplifying the hiring process for both parties involved.

Moreover, GoContract.com offers team collaboration tools, enabling recruiters to collaborate effectively with team members throughout the hiring process. Whether it's sharing candidate profiles, discussing project requirements, or making collective decisions, the platform encourages smooth collaboration.

Major player in recruit-tech landscape

With the contracting industry experiencing massive growth, Gocontract.com is on track to be a major disruptor in the recruitment-tech space. Driven by factors like globalization, technological innovation, and changing workforce preferences, the global contracting market is valued at over $1.5 trillion, with projections for continued expansion in the coming years.

"This growth reflects a significant shift in how businesses operate. Companies recognize the advantages of leveraging a flexible and skilled contractor workforce to complement their core teams," the company representative explained.

As GoContract continues to revolutionize contracting, the platform prioritizes the success of independent contractors, connecting them with reputable businesses, simplifying the contracting process, and providing access to resources and learning opportunities.

Employers hiring for contract and temp positions have nothing to lose with GoContract.com, as they only incur costs if they express interest in an applicant after reviewing their profile. This unique model is seen to disrupt the market by offering a risk-free solution for hiring needs.

About GoContract.com:

GoContract.com is a leading result-oriented platform for hiring contingent workers globally. With its innovative pay-as-you-go hiring model and advanced features, GoContract.com offers a transparent and efficient solution for businesses seeking top talent. Visit www.gocontract.com for more information.

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