Merrill and Linda Hutchinson on Christian: Birds and the Bees -Part 4- Young Adult Years on Rock Solid Families Podcast

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Monday, September 18, 2023 at 7:59pm UTC

"Stand firm on your values and convictions, even when it's difficult. Show the love of Christ to your young adults, guiding them with truth and grace." - Rock Solid Families.

Merrill and Linda are the co-hosts of Rock Solid Families Podcast as well as the co-founders of Rock Solid Families, a 501c3 nonprofit, faith-based organization. Combined, they have over 70 years of experience in teaching, counseling, ministry, coaching and public speaking. In 2018, they left their full time positions in the Church and public school system to focus on strengthening families. Their goal is to guide and empower families to be all that God wants for them to be. In this episode, Merrill and Linda Christian - Birds and the Bees - Part 4- The Young Adult Years.

The episode emphasizes the need for parents to be convicted in their own values and beliefs before addressing these topics with their young adult children. It encourages parents to have open and honest conversations, while also respecting their children's autonomy as adults. The hosts stress the importance of not giving unsolicited advice or being judgmental, but rather showing love and support while upholding their own values. They also address the potential rejection or conflict that may arise from differing beliefs, and emphasize the importance of maintaining a loving relationship even if there are disagreements. Overall, the episode provides practical advice and guidance for parents navigating the challenges of parenting young adults in the realm of sexuality and relationships.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evaluate and determine the values you want to uphold in your home before addressing the topic of sexuality with your young adult children. If you did not start when they were young, you can listen to early parts of our series and learn how to move forward from where you are today.

  • Have open and calm conversations with your spouse about the rules and values you want to establish regarding sex and relationships.

  • Be proactive in discussing these topics with your young adult children before they are in situations so you can help them manage their choices in alignment with Christian values and perspectives.

  • Stand firm on your values and communicate them respectfully to your young adult children, even if they disagree or push back.

  • Show love and support for your young adult children, even if you don't agree with their decisions, and maintain open lines of communication to continue influencing them positively.


  • "With freedom comes responsibility." (17:39 | Merrill)

  • "Unsolicited advice is taken as criticism. And so do not give your advice, preach them, lecture to them, unless they come to you and ask." (25:52 | Linda)

  • "If they reject you because of your beliefs, that's their decision. Just step back and pray for them and give them space and time. But please, please don't reject them because of their decisions. It's hard to repair when things are said. It's hard to take things back. If you've done your job, they know what you stand for. They know what you believe in. You don't have to lecture them or preach to them. That just drives them further away from the values that you are trying to establish. So please keep those lines open." (28:38 | Linda)

About the Podcast Co-Hosts:

To learn more about Merrill and Linda, visit their website (Rock Solid Families).

About Rock Solid Families Podcast:

Rock Solid Families is committed to helping educate, equip, and empower families to be all God created them to be! Merrill and Linda Hutchinson began Rock Solid Radio in October of 2018. They have over 70 years of combined experience in teaching, public speaking, counseling, ministry, and coaching. After much prayer, Merrill and Linda made the decision to step down from their full time positions in the church and public school to focus on strengthening families. Both believe that healthy schools, churches, and communities depend on strong and healthy families. This weekly podcast is made possible through the generous financial support of community partners. With the help of local sponsors and the word spreading through listeners like you, Rock Solid Families is helping to build stronger communities one family at a time!

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