Online Software Modernizes Traditional Scale Calibration Company

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Monday, August 14, 2023 at 2:54pm UTC

Central Carolina Scale upgrades its conventional calibration process with online certificates, improving customer service and reducing paper usage.

A prominent brand in the scale calibration and repair industry, Central Carolina Scale, is modernizing its approach to certification. Instead of issuing pen-and-paper documents, it will now offer cutting-edge online equivalents, redefining the customer experience and raising the bar for the entire industry. 

Since its founding in 1980, Central Carolina Scale has been a staunch advocate of careful scale calibration and repair. The firm believes in the value of precision and accuracy and has built a legacy on the back of its handwritten calibration certificates. 

Despite this, the company believes there is a need to change. The evolving technological landscape demands greater efficiency from the enterprise, provoking it to initiate this transformative shift. 

“We’ve been using a pen-and-paper process for the past forty years,” the brand reveals. “However, starting mid-2023, we have shifted to providing customers with online scale calibration certificates. The certificates can be emailed to customers or they can view them by logging into their accounts, along with a history of each of their scales.”

Central Carolina Scale’s change in pace aligns with the company’s commitment to innovation and underscores the extent to which it values the customer experience. The brand is spearheading push-button-like convenience in a once cumbersome industry. 

“We are excited to announce this shift in our approach to calibration certificates,” the company remarked. “Embracing technology, instead of fearing it, will let us serve the needs of more customers and enable better tracking of individual scales.”

Customers, though, need not fear the firm’s change of approach. Central Carolina Scale emphasizes that expert technicians remain available to answer customer queries and provide in-depth assistance when required. The company continues to prioritize its dedication to service, it claims, even as it makes this technological transition. 

Moreover, Central Carolina Scale hopes the move’s impact will go beyond mere efficiency. Shifting to paperless certification also supports the company’s commitment to a sustainable future. Eliminating waste and minimizing physical documentation is enabling the brand to showcase its environmental stewardship, locally and nationally. 

Industry observers are watching Central Carolina Scale closely. If successful, the move could herald a new era in online scale calibration, reducing industry overhead and improving customer service. The company’s milestone reflects its position as a pioneer in the scale calibration field and demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and solutions that meet their needs. 

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