Steelhead Technologies Unveils the Steelhead Hatchery: A Groundbreaking Showcase of Manufacturing ERP Excellence

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Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at 2:53am UTC

Steelhead Technologies, a trailblazing leader in the manufacturing ERP industry, is thrilled to announce the official launch of The Steelhead Hatchery, a cutting-edge demonstration environment that showcases the remarkable capabilities of its job shop software.

A Steelhead Hatchery, in the context of Steelhead Technologies, is not an ordinary facility. It represents a paradigm shift in how the industry approaches manufacturing solutions. Similar to how a hatchery nurtures steelhead trout from eggs to smolts, the Steelhead Hatchery nurtures individuals and businesses from initial curiosity to complete mastery of the Steelhead platform.

“We are excited to open the doors to our Steelhead Hatchery and invite the industry to explore the future of manufacturing with us," said Jeff Halonen, Chief Executive Officer at Steelhead Technologies. "Just as a hatchery fosters the growth of steelhead trout, our Hatchery nurtures the growth of knowledge and expertise within the Steelhead ecosystem. We believe this initiative will revolutionize how businesses perceive and leverage ERP solutions."

Unlike traditional ERP demos and sandbox environments that provide a mere glimpse into capabilities, the Steelhead Hatchery offers a full-scale playground where employees, prospects, and new customers can immerse themselves in the revolutionary manufacturing ERP platform. It simulates the real-life experience that job shops across the country will have with the job shop software, ensuring a deep understanding of its exponential power.

The Hatchery is comprised of nine stations that mimic the various steps of typical metal finishing plant processes. This gives the Operator an opportunity to receive a deep understanding of the physical application and software execution of each process. Steelhead has revolutionized the training experience by providing a realistic demonstration of the capabilities of each feature to support visual, physical, and social learning styles.

The first Hatchery training session took place in September with a group of seven guests. The hands-on environment was impactful and allowed for an accelerated and more complete understanding of the software features and capabilities. One of the guests remarked, “My interpretation of the value of Steelhead has now tripled, now that I have experienced it’s power.”

Steelhead Technologies continues to pour tremendous effort into increasing the value of the US surface finishing and heat treat industry. Steelhead’s vision includes providing job shop management with the tools they need to provide quality output, improved production speed, and profitability margins that provide direction to exponential growth. The Hatchery will assist in this aspiration by providing surface finishers with an immediate understanding of the exponential power that the Steelhead platform has to offer.

“Steelhead is not a small change for the Job Shop manufacturing industry. It takes many hours to fully understand the true power of running your plant on a fully digital, automation-intensive platform,” said Aaron Halonen, President of Steelhead Technologies. “The Steelhead Hatchery provides a hands-on immersive experience to accelerate the paradigm shift of what next-generation systems can do to drive businesses to the next level.”

By experiencing the entire manufacturing process within the Steelhead ecosystem, metal finishing experts can experience the benefit of modern software and how it will apply to their processes and raise their efficiency standards. This experience will allow Steelhead operators to deploy systems faster and stronger. Steelhead is committed to supporting strong partnerships as early as possible, which is why their focus is deployment quality and speed.

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