UR SILK Celebrates Become A Leading Brand In The Silk Industry

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Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 3:50pm UTC

After thirteen years of growth, UR SILK is celebrating its status as a leading brand within the silk industry. First founded in Zhejiang Province, China, they now sell high-quality silk products across the globe, including, to many leading brands across a wide range of industries.

Originally established in China, but now selling across the globe, UR SILK is celebrating its status as a leading silk product company, with a wide range of custom silk scarf options, sleepwear, eye masks, head wraps, pillowcases, blankets, and more. Growing out of the Silk Road, Hang Zhou, the team behind UR Silk has since expanded to make over $2,200,000 USD in worldwide sales in 2023, alone.

UR SILK, established in 2011, is a professional silk products company that has exported millions of custom or wholesale silk products (scarves, headbands, sleepwear, eye masks, bonnets, scrunchies, bonnets, etc. ) to more than 50 countries in the past 13 years. UR Silk gained over 3,000 clients' trust for high-quality products, competitive prices, and professional service. UR SILK always believes that customers come first and strives to provide employees with better training, a more comfortable workplace, and more income to support their living. While actively returning to society, advocating for environmental production, and helping more people in need. We aim to make the world better while doing the things we have passion.

As a leading provider of custom and wholesale products, UR SILK has worked with a wide range of brands across a variety of industries. Some of their partners include Starbucks Coffee, Haagen-Daaz, Mercedes Benz, TikTok, and Alibaba.com. The team also works with artists and fashion creators, as well as dropshipping businesses, helping to promote success using silk across a wide range of partnerships and collaborations.

Aside from quality, ethical production is a priority for UR Silk, as well. For instance, they bring a serious focus on sustainability and safety, with the use of organic fabrics, no harmful inks in their products, and a focus on zero waste production. Aside from ensuring safe communities, living wages, stable child care, affordable housing, and healthy workplaces for every single worker, UR SILK offers insurance for all of them, as well, meaning they do not have to choose between paying their bills and managing they and their family’s needs.

With 13 years of growth behind them, UR SILK aims to continue to expand, to become the premier provider of custom and wholesale silk products for partners and customers across the globe.

For more information about UR SILK use the contact details below:

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Name: Bush
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Organization: UR SILK
Address: 889 Jiangcheng Road, Zhejiang Province, China
Phone: +86 18758876220
Website: https://ursilk.com/

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